Customize Your Look

Express yourself with shoelaces

Have you ever seen anyone wearing shoes without shoe laces? Maybe you have, but if you have, only a few. Every shoe has Nike shoelaces because almost every shoe requires shoe laces to stay tight. Most younger children and some adults like to customize their shoe laces with many different colors and love to mix and match. This is very important because it is yet another way to show your freedom, and express yourself. Many business people wear plain shoes with black or brown laces but that is plain boring! Mixing up your shoelace colors can be fun and very refreshing.

If you have children that love playing, and are very active, you should try getting them a pack of assorted shoelaces with different color patterns. They will not only look good, but they will create attention that I’m sure your children love to have. It’s not something that it abnormal because most teens are branching out and are beginning to wear assorted shoelace colors, even different patterns on different shoes! If you are a teen reading this, or anyone else who feels uncomfortable mixing up your shoelaces, you shouldn’t feel pressured to fit in with the “popular” kids.

Most people nowadays with respect you for branching out and being your own person. I urge you to begin trying new things. You may not believe it, but doing something as little as switching up your shoelaces can actually make you a happier person. It will lift that feeling of your chest. You feel free, and believe you can do anything, because you can! If you think you are ready to make a personal change and branch out, then I congratulate you. Your shoes will look great and so will you. It is also important because you will have learned how to change without someone’s approval. You really may not believe shoelaces have a big affect on your personality, but from personal experience, I know it does.

Every time you take a look at your shoes you be awed by the feeling you receive. Self confidence is the key to surviving in the world. If you set your mind to it, you can do it. Shoelaces can be black, white, red, purple, green, blue, or they can be different, all of those colors into one beautiful pattern, or randomly sprung on to your shoe, shoelaces are you, and you choose how you want to live your life.