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Options For Getting to FedEx Field on Game Day

The leaves are changing colors and the smell of chicken wings and nacho cheese is in the air, it’s that time of year again and with football season just around the corner you’re wondering what’s the quickest way to beat the crowds and make it to FedEx field to support the Skins without getting stuck in the city’s infamous traffic. Well, with this handy guide should be able to provide some information on your different options and help you to focus on the game rather than how you’re going to get there,

DRIVING – Pack your car full of your fellow Pigskin fans and head down to the stadium while chanting the team’s song and debating the starting lineup…just make sure you do it with plenty of time to spare as you’re sure to run in to some serious gridlock. While the fan forums are full of alternate routes that claim to shave minutes off your trip chances are that you’re going to hit a bit of traffic no matter which way you take so just go with the flow and turn up the radio to listen to the pre game.

Also, make sure to check the team’s official website for details on parking (

METRO – Perhaps the most hassle free option, all you have to do is hop on the Blue Line and ride it to the Morgan Boulevard Metro stop. Not sure where the field is? Just follow the throngs of people. The Metro station’s open outside of normal hours for night games and the fact that you’re not driving means that you can enjoy as much beer as you’d like. The stadium itself is a bit of a hike (a little less than a mile from the station) but seeing it get closer and closer as you approach just helps you get that much more excited for kickoff.

PARTY BUSES – A fairly new and increasingly popular option are the scores of private party buses that combine the comfort of your car with the convenience of the Metro. Instead of waiting to get to the stadium to start tailgating these private buses bring the party to you (and about twenty of your closest friends) by providing transpiration to and from the game as well as beer on tap to help you get geared up. A simple search of “Redskins party bus” should return plenty of options for you to choose from and for those of you that would prefer a more alcohol free option there are also plenty of bus and shuttle services that provide the same transportation sans the kegs.

Whichever form of transportation to Washington Redskins games you choose, try and enjoy it. Remember that the journey to the game is part of the experience and that even if you’re stuck in traffic or shoulder to shoulder with fellow Metro travelers you can still turn to your buddies and start debating about which running back is sure to take the Skins to the big game this year if he’d just stop getting injured.