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How to pick a good limo service

It can be tricky to choose the best limo service today due to the many cars and companies in the market today. However, there are a few questions that and guide you on choosing the best limo service. Using a limo service for DC airport transportation is perfect to avoid the stress of driving in traffic. Below are the ideas you can consider when choosing the best limo service.

Licenses and associations
It is a requirement for every limousine service to possess a license number. It allows the company to operate legally and is given by the state. A good limo service company should also belong to a certain association.

This is important. A company that has offered the limo service is much better than a company that has just started. You should ensure that you enquire about a company’s background. This way, you can learn that even some of the new companies have a good background with limousine experience.

Hours of Operation – Ensure that your limousine service company is accessible whenever needed. Note that some companies are available throughout the day and night. For example those that carries out airport transfers. In such busy areas, you should ensure that you arrive in the office right on time. In other cases such as proms and weddings, you are allowed to ask for a number to all in case of emergency.

Driver Screening – A good driver should have a fit health and should also be sober. It is therefore necessary to have a drug test carried out. This is also a requirement by law and a good company should follow this mandate as well as criminal investigation on the employees to be. The driver should also be familiar with the area of operation by the company’s service.

Recommendations – This is one of the best ways through the word of mouth. If any of your friends has used a company services a number of times and is happy, consider using the same company. Trustworthy hand referrals are one of the best ways to select a limo service company.

Live Inspection – Make sure you personally inspect the limo. In case the vehicle is not physically present, request for its photos via email. Things to concentrate on are the model, make and also the amenities available.

Fleet Size – The number of limo cars a service has does not necessarily show the quality of the services rendered but it is an insight of the company. Small companies offer personalized services. They also focus on one type of services. Medium sized companies do everything and them a variety of vehicles while a big company handles corporate accounts.